Sail Panama to Colombia

Sail Panama to ColumbiaA trip that you must take: sailing  from Panama to Colombia

To sail from Panama to Colombia might seem like a crazy idea given the fact that there are faster options to travel between the two countries, such as airplanes. However, a trip by plane does not offer you the same experience as sailing does or the chance to wake up each day surrounded by shimmering water you can dive straight into before paddling back and hopping on deck for a breakfast of tropical fruit and delicious Colombian coffee. Catching an airplane will mean you can’t sit back with a cool drink after a full day exploring the reefs to watch the sunset over the sea and wait for the milky way to appear overhead. If you fly you will miss the chance of seeing one of the world’s most beautiful and unspoiled archipelagos.  There’s no Hilton, no boutique hotels, no Sandals resorts here, because the Kuna protect the islands from mass development, so sailing really is the only way to experience them.

Sail Columbia to Panama

If you opt to sail from Colombia to Panama, you will be able to see many of the things that the two countries have to offer. The trip lasts for approximately 5 days and you are guaranteed to have the time of your life. Besides the spectacular views, there are also some activities that you can enjoy while on the trip. Among them is snorkeling, which is included in the trip. Just imagine yourself exploring some of the most breathtaking reefs and long abandoned ship wrecks in the Caribbean. You’ll get a chance to meet the local Kuna people who own the islands and have lived there for centuries in harmony with nature. You will witness their unique way of life and how they farm coconuts, make beautiful colorful molas embroideries and free dive for lobsters 20 meters deep.

On your San Blas Adventure, if you decide to select Colombia to Panama sailing, you will not be disappointed. If one of your passions is fishing, then you are in luck. The boats are equipped with fishing gear. This means that you can pursue your passion while traveling and who knows? Maybe you can even enjoy a meal made out of what you managed to catch. The Kuna people protect the fish stocks so you will not be allowed to spear fish. Other than that, you are free to try out your luck in the clear waters to see if a red snapper, yellow fin tuna or marlin bites. Maybe you might even have your greatest catch yet.

Panama Columbia Sailing

Panama Columbia SailingSailing from Panama to Colombia might also be the perfect opportunity for you to exercise you Spanish skills. It’s time to see whether all of those Spanish classes at school really did teach you something. Either way, learning a few words beforehand will make the experience even more fun as you will be able to communicate with the locals in a way or another. Sounds fun, right?

Panama to Colombia sailing can also be a culinary experience. Three meals a day are included, and if you are a fan of trying out new dishes, then this is the right trip for you. There could be barracuda ceviche, grilled snapper, and lobster with garlic butter or fresh caught tuna sashimi on the menu. The crew stock up on fresh fruit for you too, which is a hit with the guests, who often say they’ve eaten better on the boat than during their whole trip! When you land you need to at least check out some of the traditional dishes of the two countries – like the hangover busting sancocho de pescado, a gravity defying patacon con todo, or a crispy fried arepa de huevo washed down with fresh papaya and mango juice

If you are planning a trip and don’t know where to go, then sail from Colombia to Panama is definitely a great option. The five day trip has many things to offer. Besides the breathtaking views, the crystal clear waters and the white sandy beaches, you can enjoy many different activities such as snorkeling and fishing. If you are not a fan of these, then it could be a perfect opportunity for you to relax in the sun and get your perfect tan before reaching the next country. Wouldn’t that be great? And maybe along the way you can exercise your Spanish skills and the locals what it is like to live in paradise. It is an opportunity that should not be missed and it will leave you talking about it for years to come.