Precious Resources in the Sea: Taking Care of Water and Energy 💧☀️

Discover more about life on board our sailing tours between Panama and Colombia via the San Blas Islands. Get ready for the adventure of your life! Cooking on the high seas: Fresh and delicious food on our sailing trips

When we are at sea, sustainability is our compass. Taking care of water and energy becomes an essential part of the adventure. Explore how we live in harmony with resources while creating unforgettable memories on our journey to the San Blas archipelago, sailing from Colombia to Panama and vice versa… shall we begin? 🤗

Water, Water Everywhere, But…

💦 Water is a treasure on the high seas. Sailboats and catamarans carry water tanks that are carefully monitored by the captain. With smart management, we ensure that we always have enough for cooking, washing, and drinking on board. For example, one way to save fresh water is by washing dishes with salt water and then rinsing them with fresh water. An efficient practice that helps us minimize the use of drinking water.

The Magic of the Marine Shower

🚿🌊 Have you ever imagined taking a shower in the middle of the sea? Well, this practice is our favorite! We present the “sailor shower”. This technique avoids wasting fresh water by starting the process with salt water.

How does it work?

🧜‍♀️🧼 Dive into the sea, then climb aboard, soap your body and hair, and jump into the sea again to finish removing the excess product. Get on board again and sweeten your body with the final freshwater shower.

Each boat is different, and each captain has his own practice.

Our advice?

After a tasty day on the islands, we recommend you return to your boat to enjoy the sunset on the deck enjoying good music before the sun sets… leave the towel, shampoo, and soap ready; count to 3 and dive in! 🐬

We recommend using organic shampoo and soap

♻🧼 By not throwing chemicals or abrasives into the sea you help us protect marine biodiversity.

Energy from the Sun: Solar Panels

☀️⚡: The radiant sun is our energy source and the boat’s engine when it is on. The solar panels on board capture sun rays, allowing us to have electricity. If you want to charge your devices we recommend doing it during the day, and if you have questions, you can always ask the captain!

A Little Help, A Lot of Collaboration

🤝 Water and electricity are super valuable resources, and we are all committed to using them consciously. The crew can enable water and battery for special moments. Turning off fresh water, unplugging devices, and turning off lights and fans when not needed is a habit we all need to grow. Teamwork is the key: Ensuring there’s no waste of water or unnecessary electrical resources is the most precious gesture.

Living in harmony with the Sea and the Environment

🌊🌏 At Blue Sailing, taking care of resources is a value we share. Our adventure is about exciting discoveries and shared moments in the Caribbean Sea. Maintaining a harmonious relationship with the marine environment is fundamental to us, and every action we take on board reflects our commitment to sustainability.

Conclusion: Sustainability is a path we travel together. By caring about the water and energy, we create an unforgettable experience going beyond the trip itself. The magic of the sea shower and the sun energy, connect us with nature and with ourselves. Let’s join together on this journey, where every gesture counts and where the sea reminds us of the importance of caring and preserving. See you in the waters of commitment and adventure! 🌊☀️