Preserving the San Blas Islands: The Art of Mangrove Construction.

Do you want to feel part of the Guna community? Enter here and immerse yourself in the linguistic and cultural paradise of the Dulegaya language on the San Blas Islands.

🏝️ Come and see how the Big Fish 1 crew is creating a new island! Say hello to Tilson, Thiago, and Rey, the artists behind this wonderful initiative!

A Natural Wonder in the Making

🌱 Did you know that it’s possible to shape an island or preserve its existence through mangroves? Mangroves, also known as mangroves, are brought from one island to another, rooted in their shores to combat erosion and forge new horizons 🏝️.

An Important Environmental Legacy

✨ The importance of mangroves transcends the creation of islands:

– They are biodiversity sanctuaries: Mollusks, crustaceans, birds, fish, and other animals find refuge in this unique ecosystem.

– Its robust wood is used for building houses, boats, and docks due to its density and resistance to deterioration.

– Its leaves and branches are valuable in traditional medicine as herbs and extracts.

Preserving the Ecological Balance

🌍 The vision of creating an island through mangroves gives life to new lands, contributes to the ecological balance, and the well-being of local communities. This sustainable practice ensures that natural heritage is enjoyed by generations to come.

A Green Future in Progress

🛶🏝️ When observing the effort and creativity of the Big Fish 1 crew in building an island, we contemplate much more than a physical transformation. It represents a commitment to our environment and a testimony to nature’s ability to be reborn. Each mangrove planted is a step towards a more sustainable and conscious future.

Join the Green Revolution

🌊🌿 This article is an invitation to discover how an island is built through ingenuity and cooperation with nature. A lesson in how our respect and care can create wonders in harmony with the environment.

🏝️🛶 Immerse yourself in the Fascinating World of Mangrove Construction and Join the Island Conservation and Preservation Revolution! 🛶🏝️