Panama to Colombia by boat

A Tropical Tour and More!

Panama to Columbia by boatNow is your best opportunity to go on a beautiful adventure from Panama to Colombia by boat! Starting in Panama, you’ll spend three days coasting through the San Blas Islands and two more days taking in the awe-inspiring sights of the wide open Caribbean Sea. Keep a lookout for dolphins; they love to swim alongside the boat! When you use Blue Sailing to go from Panama to Colombia by boat, we make sure your needs are taken care of. Your friendly captain doubles as your tour guide, and they’ll gladly take you to the islands’ hottest spots for all sorts of exciting fun – you’ll see the local Kuna people raft up in their dug-out canoes with lobster they caught free diving on the reef, you might go snorkeling in shimmering blue waters, or you might just party on the sandy white beaches with other open minded vacationers.

With over 25 boats to choose from, no two trips are ever completely alike. If you are looking for a relaxed vibe and just want to chill or if you’ve come to let off steam and party – let us know and we will find a boat that matches your expectations. Think about it: a fantastic voyage from Panama to Colombia by boat with a crew dedicated to making sure you enjoy yourself each and every day. For many of our guests this sailing adventure is an unforgettable experience and the absolute highlight of their trip.

The trip goes both ways, so if you wanted to go from Colombia to Panama by boat instead, this is not a problem for the experts at Blue Sailing. Traveling from Colombia to Panama by boat uses the same route as before, but in simply reverse, meaning you spend two days out in the majestic Caribbean Sea before visiting the San Blas Islands for another delightful three.

Other than that, little has changed. You’ll still get to enjoy the same outrageously fun activities, crew-cooked meals (fresh foods three times a day, including locally caught red snapper, barracuda or lobster in season), and other comfortable amenities! If you have any special diet restrictions, our crew can gladly adapt (please let us know about your dietary needs when you are booking your trip). We are ready to make your trip from Colombia to Panama by boat the best traveling experience you’ve ever had.

Not only will we try our best to accommodate any special requests (please make special requests when booking), but we will also help you with any passport questions, including help with providing “proof of onward travel” at the Panama immigration checkpoint if necessary. When you travel from Colombia to Panama by boat with Blue Sailing, we always make sure your trip goes smoothly on both sea and land.