Goodbye, Dizziness! Tips to Enjoy your Adventure on your Trip to San Blas.

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Ah, the dizziness! 🤪 That shadow that sometimes tries to overshadow our great adventure at sea. We’ve got some tips that will help you face this challenge and make the most of your experience aboard a sailboat or catamaran on our route from Colombia to Panama and vice versa.

🤓 The Science of Dizziness

Why do some suffer from the dreaded dizziness? Seasickness is nothing more than a game between your ears and eyes, generating confusion in your sensory system. The ship moves, your ears feel, but your eyes sometimes don’t see the same. But don’t worry. We have the perfect tricks to keep you balanced!

✨Tricks for a Dizziness-Free Trip: How to prepare?

1- Avoid alcohol consumption before sailing as it can increase the chances of seasickness. Save the party for the islands or the mainland!

3- Confidence in Adventure: Remember that this is an adventure trip, and facing small obstacles, such as, motion sickness is part of the excitement.

4- Relaxed Attitude: Maintain a positive attitude. Relaxing and breathing properly can reduce the symptoms of dizziness. Don’t let yourself be influenced by myths!

5- Pills: If you are terrified of getting seasick and want to take control, Mareol or Dramamine can be your allies. We recommend taking 1 pill 2 hours before setting sail.

🌊 Set sail without fear! How to control seasickness on board?

1- Captain’s Position: Sit in an area of the boat where you can see the horizon and keep your eyes fixed to synchronize your senses and avoid motion sickness.

2- Eat Wisely!: Keep your stomach happy. Avoid heavy foods before setting sail, and enjoy small, light meals. Crackers or ginger can also help calm your stomach! Take them with you.

3- Water, your Companion: Stay hydrated. Water is the best friend to combat dizziness.

4- Music, Talks, and Smiles: Have interesting conversations, listen to music, and smile. Distraction is the key to keeping dizziness at bay.

5- Horizontal Rest: If dizziness persists, lying in a horizontal position can relieve the sensations. Gravity stops putting pressure on your body and can help you recover.

💙 At Blue Sailing, we take care of your well-being. On board, we offer you special meals to prevent seasickness and keep your energy high.


⛵ Sail Without Worries

Seasickness has no place on your journey to the San Blas Islands, only endless fun! 🌊🚢😄 By following these tips and maintaining an adventurous attitude, you will be able to overcome any dizziness that tries to put a stop to your adventure.

🧜‍♀️ The feeling of conquering the seas and exploring the fascinating Guna culture between Panama and Colombia will make every minute on board the sailboat invaluable! So go ahead, set sail with confidence, and have the tastiest experience of your life! 🌊🚢🌴