Did you know that the indigenous people of San Blas have their own dialect?

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🌴🗣️ 🌴🗣️ Greetings from the paradise of San Blas! Did you know that beyond its dream beaches, this corner of the world has a unique linguistic treasure? Get ready for a cultural experience like no other, because we invite you to immerse yourself in the fascinating Guna or Dulegaya language.

A Glance at the Guna Dulegaya Language

✨ The Guna language is a linguistic gem spoken by the Guna communities in Panama and Colombia. Over the years, it has evolved in fascinating ways while keeping its roots deeply embedded in Guna culture.

Exploring the Alphabet

🔤 The alphabet consists of only 15 letters: a, b, d, e, i, l, m, n, o, r, s, u, w, y. Additionally, the digraphs bb(p), dd(t), and gg(k) are pronounced like the letters P, T, and K in Spanish. It is a compact alphabet full of history!

The First Words for an Authentic Connection

🔊💬 Imagine being able to greet the Gunas with a friendly “Na!” and ask them “Nued Gambi?” to find out how they are. Even simple words like “Anai” for a friend, “Dub” for island, or “Sipu” for the color white can open doors to rich conversations.

Immerse yourself in Guna Everyday Life

🌞 Do you want to learn how to order a delicious coffee? Say “Ani cabi abegue.” What if you want to know the time? Question “Igi wachi?” And if you want to say “Thank you” just say “Sekaima”. Don’t worry if you feel lost at first. Learning a new language is like discovering a new world, but these words will open doors and smiles for you as you explore the world! Guna culture.

Exploring the Guna Culture

🌞 As you immerse yourself in Dulegaya, you will also discover the meaning behind the “Molas”, the beautiful indigenous fabrics with unique designs. You will learn about the “Winis” the bracelets worn by Guna women, and their importance in the culture.

Create Your Own Cultural Adventure

✈️ Traveling is much more than visiting places! By learning a few words in Dulegaya, you will be traveling not only through destinations but also through the time and history of a vibrant culture.

If you are eager to learn more 🤗, here is a Bonus list of Guna words:

  • Na!: ¡Hi!
  • Ani: Me
  • Be: You
  • Eye: Yes.
  • Suli: No.
  • Sadde: There’s no…
  • Nigga: I have.
  • Eye ani nigga – Yes, I have.
  • Abegue: Expresses the desire to have something. Example: Ani be Abegue – I love you.
  • Cabi: Coffee. 
  • Banemalo: See you tomorrow.
  • Mas cumbie: I would like to eat
  • Capie: I want to sleep
  • Igi wachi?: What time is it?
  • Yer an itoge: I’m Happy
  • Yer dailegue: It’s cute | Looks good!
  • Yer gunlege: Tastes good! (Food)
  • Abe suli: I don’t want to
  • Ua: Fish
  • Ti dani?: Will it rain?
  • Gana: Chair
  • Mese: Table
  • Cas: Hammock
  • Igi be nuga?: What’s your name?
  • Mimmigan nika?: Do you have children?
  • Bibigua: Small
  • Oros: Rice
  • Dulup: Lobster
  • Kikir: Octopus
  • Osi: Pineapple
  • Madu: Bread
  • Balu: Salt
  • Ti: Water

🌊🌺🌴🗣️ So, get ready to say hello, chat, and enjoy an even more enriching experience on your trip to San Blas with Bluesailing! Ready to immerse yourself in Guna culture? Ayee!