Cooking on the high seas: Fresh and delicious food on our sailing trips from Colombia to Panama.

Discover how we preserve resources on our journey through the San Blas Islands. Get on board our conscious and responsible adventure: Precious Resources in the Sea: Caring for Water and Energy💧☀️

Good news for your taste buds! At Blue Sailing we not only sail through crystal clear waters, we also sail through incredible flavors! Ready to immerse yourself in a culinary experience that will make you forget everything but the delicious food?

The Kitchen Wizard on the Boat

🎩🍳 Have you ever imagined a chef working his magic in a tiny space while the waves act as the soundtrack? Our sailor chef is a true alchemist of flavors. With fresh ingredients and a lot of creativity, he transforms the kitchen on board into an authentic paradise of delights with homemade dishes that mix the flavors of the Caribbean with an international touch. And all this happens in a kitchen that dances… yes, just as you hear it! 💃 The kitchens of the boats swing to the beat of the waves! Can you imagine why? 🤓

Surprise and Delicious Menu

🤗🍉Every day at sea is an adventure full of surprises, and the great challenge for your chef sailor on board will be to plan the most delicious and varied meals. From breakfasts with tropical fruits and the most delicious Colombian coffee to local and international dishes for your lunches and dinners. And if you have any allergies or dietary conditions, don’t worry! We are here to help you. Just let us know in advance so we can plan your experience.

Adapting to the Conditions

🌧️🌊 During navigation, the menu is adjusted to keep it light and easy to enjoy. Fresh sandwiches and delicious salads are the hallmarks of these moments. In addition, our chef considers both the weather conditions and possible feelings of seasickness to serve you the best possible food.

Fresh Fishing and Wonders of the Sea

🐟🌊 On our trip, the sea becomes our pantry. If the day smiles upon us with a fresh catch of snapper, dorado, tuna, or sailfish, we will prepare a feast worthy of the Caribbean! And don’t worry fresh fish and lobster will surely be the kings of the table thanks to the Kuna community that provides us with their catch of the day on the islands.

Barbecues on Islands and Kuna Flavors

🍖🏝️ If the weather conditions smile on us, the barbecue is lit on the islands for an outdoor culinary experience. Imagine enjoying a barbecue while the sun sets over the crystal clear waters of the San Blas Islands. An unforgettable experience!

Your Home, Your Kitchen

🤝🍴 The boat is more than a means of transportation; It is your home at sea 🏠🍜 If you are curious, our chef will be happy to share secrets and tricks and let you participate in the kitchen. You can help set the table or even join in washing the dishes. More than a team, we are a family that shares every moment!

Conclusion: Discover the magic of cooking on the high seas, where each dish expresses love for food, adventure, and the Caribbean. At Blue Sailing, your culinary experience becomes a story that enriches your trip and connects you with the very essence of sailing and island life. Get ready to savor every moment on board!